Class of 2022

Anna Crumpecker is a poet and non-fiction dabbler from Union, Missouri. She earned her BA in English from the University of Missouri-Columbia and her MS in Behavior Analysis and Therapy from Southern Illinois University. In her spare time, she enjoys punnery, data analysis and whimsy.

Jeff Dingler earned his bachelors from Skidmore College, and since then he’s written a little bit of everything from sketch comedy and screenplays to poetry and fiction. Dingler’s nonfiction has been featured in The Washington Post, Salmagundi and Saratoga Living and his fiction has been published in B-Metro and Thistles Literary Magazine.

Brian Ellis is a nonfiction writer from Long Branch, New Jersey. In his writing, he explores many of the questionable decisions he has made in his life. Aside from his nonfiction, he prefers not to talk about himself and will stop here

Jamie Hudalla writes hysterical-realist fiction that explores womanhood in a religious context. She’s from a one-tractor town in Wisconsin and graduated in 2019 from Bethel University, where she studied psychology, graphic design, and English. When Jamie’s not writing, she’s making bad jokes, listening to blues, watching mafia films, and avoiding vegetables.

Lina Katrin is a poetry and nonfiction writer from St. Petersburg, Russia. Her work often dances on the edge of experiments and revolves around themes of ethnicity, family, and self-identity. In 2020, she received a B.S. in Communication from the University of Miami, where she double majored in Journalism and Creative Writing. In her free time, Lina enjoys snacking on dried mango slices and playing with the nearest dog.

Meghana Mysore is a multi-genre writer from Portland, Oregon, at present focused primarily on exploring questions of race, belonging, and family through fiction. A fan of looking for the musical in the mundane, she received a B.A. in English and creative writing from Yale, and her essay on graduating during the pandemic will be included in the forthcoming anthology, A World Out of Reach: Dispatches from Life under Lockdown (Yale University Press). She likes cicadas, and also hot sauce.

Anne-Sophie Olsen only writes poems as short as her attention span

Griffin Plaag is a novelist, poet, and songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts. For the last several years, his work has been concerned with themes of class, wealth, race, and climate in New England and the American South. He received a BA in English and History from Brown University in 2020. His favorite word is “antifascism.”

Angelica Ramos is a writer from Whitehall, Pennsylvania. Her work can be found in The Santa Fe Writer’s Project Quarterly, La Scrittrice and The Wellington Street Review. She enjoys hot tea, Star Wars binging and being a dog mom.

Emmy Ritchey is a fiction writer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She received her B.A. in English from Colgate University in Hamilton, New York in 2020. Her current fiction circles ideas of place and gender.

Laura Schmitt is a fiction writer from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Currently, her short stories explore life in the Midwest and themes of class, womanhood, loneliness, and social mobility. She received a BA in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Outside of fiction, her primary interests include Broadway musicals and soups.

Cameron Vanderwerf is originally from Boston, but he lived in Chicago for the last eight years. He is a fiction writer and a near-pathological homebody.