Class of 2021

ANNA ALGER is a fiction writer from Louisville, Kentucky. In current work, she is interested in exploring connections between people and the strangeness of everyday life. She received a BFA in Studio Art from Indiana University, Bloomington in 2015.

SHARON CHRISTNER writes nonfiction about survival and the sacred, and all things makeshift and jerry-rigged. She grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. In 2019 Sharon graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, which has some of the best dumpster diving on earth. She can not figure out how to write a poem.

ALEXIS COLLINS is a fiction writer from Midlothian, Virginia. She received a BA in English with a concentration in creative writing from Randolph College. Currently, she is working on two fantasy novels. Her piece, “The Way Dandelions Burn,” was published by Flash Fiction Magazine. She is an avid user of the Oxford comma.

LIVI CÔTÉ, Hotlanta’s coldest daughter, explores feminism and the zeitgeist of our shifting culture in her prose poems and other short works. She received a BA in psychology from Valdosta State University in 2019. In her free time, she crochets and provides free but unreliable dream interpretations.

CORY CROUSER is a poet and fiction writer from Troutdale, Ore. His work explores theological and ecological themes by pulling tight focus on nature and humanity’s relationship to it. When he’s not writing or marketing tiny replica trains to oversized middle-aged men (his day job), Cory enjoys hiking and photography. He aspires to be a better writer of personal bios.

LENA F. is from Frederick, Maryland and writes both short and long-form fiction. She received her Bachelor’s in English and Professional Writing from Goucher College in 2019 and is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing from Hollins University. She has written and edited for multiple small publications and is currently working on completing a short story collection.

MADDIE GALLO is a poet from Radford, Virginia. Through constellations of natural images, her poems illustrate issues of womanhood, bodies, and the enchanting tensions of ordinary human relationships. She received a double BA in Literature and Creative Writing from Virginia Tech in 2017 and an MA in Literature from Wake Forest in 2019. Her current muse is the family of house wrens inhabiting her neighbor’s front porch.

JEN LAZAR grew up writing on the East End of Long Island, NY; in many ways, she is still growing up and writing on the East End, only now from a distance. Her nonfiction explores topics of family ancestry, alchemy, postage stamps, and motherhood. Her writing is heavily influenced by years spent teaching and learning at a traveling high school called the Field Academy. There she learned how write essays by headlamp in the back of a van.

GABRIEL ANTONIO REED is a poet from East Tennessee; he lives in Roanoke with Maggie, his wife. His work has been featured in Red Flag Poetry, the Ekphrastic Review, and most recently in El Nieuwe Acá. His greatest fear is writing bios.

ZOE WRIGHT writes fiction. Her work explores the phenomenon of being a mind inside a body through short stories and a current novel-in-progress. She is from San Francisco but has lived in Brooklyn for the last several years, and earned her BA from Sarah Lawrence College in 2013.

EMILY ZIDO is a fiction writer from Annapolis, Maryland. Her short stories explore themes of family, culture, and women’s issues. She received a BA in English literature from the University of Maryland and later served in the Peace Corps. Her work has appeared in The Nottingham Review and SORTES magazine. Her favorite moment happens at dusk, just when the light hits.